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    Olive Drew Clothing Co. was birthed with a dream to create a place for women to find the clothing they feel beautiful in. The curation comes from the styles of Southern California with a desire to be paired with feminine, boho, and modest flair. 

    Cheryl Shoemake is the founder of Olive Drew. She's married to Scott, mother of Eden, Huntley, and Holden. When faced with the choice of being a full time mother/caregiver for her son, Holden, with special needs or working a full time job...she simply paved another road called Olive Drew. Her ease with others, timeless style, and infectious laughter is one of the reasons you'll find Cheryl a friend of many. 

    The NAME! Yes, we know you're curious. Cheryl is tall and slender so she garnered the nickname "Olive Oil" (from the Popeye cartoons), hence the "olive." Her husband Scott's middle name is Andrew and their son Huntley's middle name is Drew, so it was a given to go with "Olive Drew." After all, family is an integral part of the vision of Olive Drew Clothing Co.